Lickey the Moose Coming Over
Jasper National Park, Wildlife Tour Sightings

We call her Lickey!



During one of our days vacationing in Jasper National Park we came across this female moose with her baby. We at the time were the only vehicle on the road. We were taking pictures and thinking how great this is and how people should see this. This is when I thought to myself what a great job it would be touring people and helping them to find something so wonderful. This was the start of our ideas of opening a tour company. Searching for wildlife is something my wife and I love to do and so Lickey the Moose spurred on our hopes to open our tour company.

Anyway you will be able to read about our story in another article. This story is about Lickey the Moose. I as we were watching her she lifted her head looked right at me in our truck and then started to walk right towards my driver side window! I have seen a ton of animals and let me tell you that made me a little nervous as she came straight over to my window and started licking my door right below the window! As she walked over I rolled up the window as I didn’t want a face full of moose! She kept doing this for awhile and as she did that other cars/trucks started to show up to watch her and her baby. She eventually moved on to other vehicles. It took me a few minutes to figure out what she was doing. It had been cold the night before and salt was put on the roads. This was late September so weather was starting to get cold at night. She was licking the salt off vehicles! I assume we were not the first vehicle she had “cleaned” but what an experience.

Please come and enjoy the wildlife, its a wonderful experience and something you will never forget.

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